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Over a Dozen Fish Caught!

On the July 4th American Independence Day, Henry took a few first timers out on a charter. The half day trip saw plenty of sunshine, lots of water…. and LOTS of fish! In just a few hours, the group hauled in 14 tuna and a billfish! Talk about lots of action. Everyone had a blast and here are a few pics to whet your appetite for your next adventure with Back Breaker Charters!

Pics of Troy’s Charter

And if you didn’t catch the video of us bringing in the marlin on the home page, you can view it here below:

  •     Capt Henry and friends had a fun day and great catch as always.
  •     See some pics of the catch on 2nd February.

New Photos!

Greg Green is  a regular of Henry’s who has done a number of trips over the years. Check out some of the pics in this trip from June 2011 and you’ll see why he keeps coming back!

Welcome to our new site!

H&R Charters has changed its name to “Back Breaker Charters” and has a new website to go along with it! Check out everything on the site and be sure to leave some comments and feedback. As part of this new site we will try to offer regular blog updates of pics from different trips. We also have a Facebook page so be sure to “Like” us on there as well!